Virtual Patient Simulations

Simulations are anchored on years of science demonstrating that learning is best achieved by doing, and as such are used across various professional training settings. Patient simulations in medical education support performance and quality improvement by aligning activities to quality measures and the National Quality Strategy (NQS) priorities such as promoting best practices, making care safer, and promoting effective communication. The underlying framework of MedSims incorporates the National Committee for Quality Assurance's (NCQA) formula for improvement — Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Repeat.

Instructional Design

The MedSims virtual patient simulation (VPS) model accelerates the application of knowledge into clinical practice by:

  • Encouraging point-of-care awareness and learning through realistic case presentations
  • Accelerating the application of knowledge into clinical practice
  • Creating a safe, consequence-free environment increasing competence and confidence
  • Providing immediate feedback on critical decision points for interactive and impactful learning
  • Analyzing and reporting on performance level outcomes demonstrating change in behavior

This unique approach dynamically analyzes diagnostic and treatment decisions reflective of those available in true clinical practice. Learners proceed through a series of steps as they would an actual patient visit beginning with the presenting complaint and medical history. Learners are then engaged to make critical decisions regarding the patient's care including assess the patient's condition, make a diagnosis and identify where the patient is in disease progression, and determine a treatment plan. Every action taken by the learner is recorded and evaluated, and real-time feedback is provided in the form of Clinical Guidance including the suitability of selections made, error alerts, and alternative options.

Unlike other case learning formats, the MedSims is a true simulation founded on an artificial intelligence engine providing more than 1.2 billion critical decision combinations. Learners are not limited to multiple choice questions authored by faculty but rather have a vast database of available choices for each critical decision element as they would have available in real world clinical practice.


MedSims is a virtual patient simulation (VPS) model with one simple mission: to improve patient care and outcomes. MedSims presents realistic case presentations in single care episodes from which learners make point-of-care decisions related to recognition, assessment, diagnoses, and treatment of a disease or a condition based on a simulated patient's complaint in a safe virtual environment.

Point-of-care learning in a simulated environment demonstrates the effects of clinical choices and actions in real-world patient scenarios, enhancing competence and confidence and improving patient care. Through the power of simulation training, MedSims enables healthcare professionals and students to accelerate their application of medical knowledge into clinical practice.

Performance Level Outcomes

MedSims is enhanced by measurement of competence via clinical performance metrics. Data captured reflects anticipated clinical decision-making and behavior related to learners' assessment, diagnosis, and treatment choices both before and after Clinical Guidance. The results captured by the platform's reporting tool are linked to the case learning objectives demonstrating change in behavior as well as identifying additional educational gaps. All learner performance data obtained is presented in a custom outcomes report containing analysis and metrics on the clinical diagnostic and therapeutic decisions clinicians make as part of a simulation.